At SAKS Professional we believe the backbone to a successful business is the service you receive, not just when you purchase a scissor but the follow up and support you receive years after making your investment.
Factory sharpening is recommended to preserve the longevity of scissors. Every manufacturer has their own degree of angle on each individual blade – we refer to it as “Factory Angled Blade.” Our authorized sharpeners have been certified from the largest scissors manufacturers and know the specific degree of every angle in the blade allowing them to remove a minimum amount of steel and restoring them to original factory specifications, re-establishing the cutting-edge to like new. In addition to sharpening the blades, we also make sure that the scissors are balanced and adjusted properly. Scissors will feel and cut like new after they have been serviced. Customer satisfaction is our priority as we stand behind all our work. We cannot provide any guarantees for scissors previously unprofessionally sharpened.
Every scissor service consists of the following:
  • Scissors are dismantled
  • Microscopic strip down
  • Thorough inspection for areas needing special attention 
  • Angle setting and adjustment
  • Sharpening, convexing and mirror polishing
  • Balancing and adjustment
  • Lubrication
  • Final test cut on natural hair
  • If needed, we will replace the Finger Rest, Finger Rings, Washers, and Stopper. Take control and responsibility of your tools. Learn how to properly maintain them between servicing. The more knowledgeable you absorb, the more you will appreciate our quality workmanship and dedication.
Generally speaking there are two ways to sharpen and repair scissors, Grinding or Hand Honing .
HAND Honing
Japanese traditional technique of sharpening, polishing and finishing by hand.
This is the only way high quality convex blades are manufactured and refined from traditional Japanese scissor factories.
Is the most common but devastating way to sharpen scissors. When scissors are sharpened on grinder large amount of metal is removed and shortens the life time of scissors. Grinding causes overheating of the metal, therefore destroying the hardness, strength and the power of ROCKWELL (metric scale hardness). Also it changes the blade structure/curvature. Grinding devices are appropriate only for Bevelled German type scissors, pet scissors, dressmaking scissors, florist scissors, home scissors.



       " Signs that your scissors need sharpening "

  • Pushing - bending - folding - chasing the hair
  • When your scissors makes noise or when you feel a crunchy open/close operation of blades
  • When you feel your scissors heavy and need more pressure to perform cutting (it's dull)
  • When scissors have accidently been dropped down
  • If you accidentally cut the comb instead of hair (it will create a nick in the blade)
  • When thinning scissors pinch and pull the hair.


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Sharpening cost: 30,00£ (VAT excluded)
We spend aprox half an hour for each scissor repair and in some cases we exceed over one hour
Don't trust the white van man stumbling into your salon from the street with your scissors!
Scissors just cannot be sharpened "in-salon".
Some processes in the manufacturing of scissors can be controlled by computer
but the finest sharpening can be restored only by skilled craftsmen.
Laser (echos nice!) but emits very high temperature and would destroy the edge's temper if used.
With proper maintenance, scissors can extend the time before them needing to be sharpened.
However, even the most expensive instruments need an occassional touch up service.
The most common outcome when you drop a pair of scissors is to create nicks or bend of the blades.
Both two cases can return 100% in their original condition by experienced craftsman.





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