Hikari scissors are manufactured by hand and totally in Japan from skilled craftsmen. Every single pair of scissors is handled with the outmost care and attention to detail. Hikari scissors travel directly from the hands of craftsmen to your hands. Special construction on scissor features is available on request for your personal needs, therefore you can build your perfect pair of.
 HIKARI - One Cut Above the Rest.

 Increase or decrease the % ratio on thinning scissors            


Change a symmetric style scissors to an ofset         h-153_small7_250x250


Change an ofset style scissors to a symmetric       h-dragon-ryu-cosmos-174_250x250


Increase or decrease the crane angle of finger loops


Change the finger rest. Permanent to removable - removable to permananth-153_small7_250x250-h-163-_250x250-



Making of any right hand scissors model to a true left hand scissors      604-605small


Making the tips of the scissors thinner    h-tips


Change of handle to your preference     h-style


Input turqoise or swarovski stone       hikari-turqoise   hikari-swarovski


Increace or decrease the size of finger holeアナトミックグリップ  




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