How to adjust right hand scissors

Testing for correct tension should be performed daily, especially in the first two months of use. During this time, the washer in the pivot area will be settling and, as it does, the tension on your scissor will loosen and need to be adjusted.

Do not use scissors if tension is incorrect. As the tension loosens on a scissor, the screw loosens and the blades begin to come apart. If you try to cut with scissors under these conditions they will bend or fold the hair or the hair will slide on the blades. The only way scissors with loose tension can cut is if the blades are pushed together by using more force than necessary. This results in rapid blade wear and poor scissor performance. Please note this can also lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries). For these reasons, it is extremely important that you check the tension daily and adjust it when necessary. Adjusting scissors is a stylist’s daily responsibility.
  • Hold scissors with your left hand in an upright position  (the finger rest must be situated to the right)
  • If the blades were the hour & minutes on a clock, you will see the blades at 12 O’clock position--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
With your right hand hold the scissor ring and lift until you see the blades a 9 O’clock position
·         Let go of the scissor ring held from your right hand and allow weight of handles
to close blades
·         If you see the blades fall at 10 O’clock  position, you have a perfect adjustment of your scissors
·         If you see the blades fall at 11 O’clock  position, you have a semi satisfied adjustment of your scissors and adjustment  procedure to be performed is recommended






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