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For the left-handed stylist, Hikari carries true left-handed scissors. These left-handed scissors, like all Hikari scissors, are of the highest quality and performance.The Left Range is the highest quality of Hikari scissors representing the ultimate in scissor design and function. All the Left range scissors are made of a proprietary blend of Molybdenum, Cobalt, and Vanadium alloys. An alloy, which is multi, heat treated to specific temperatures giving ultimate strength, durability and flexibility. Secondary to this all the Left range includes the patented "Super Smoother" system, with 2 Rylon glides in the pivot area to enhance a very smooth cutting action as well as protecting the pivot area from friction and wear. As a result it eliminates stress on the hands and tendons. Nothing compares with Hikari’s Cosmos sharpness, accuracy, and smoothness. They truly MELT like butter through the hair! Available in different styles and lengths to fit your needs.


Lefty Series


B-Dry Left

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C-EVO Left

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L Anatomic

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L Symmetric

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L-6032 Thinning

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