SEV-M Thinning

Once again, Hikari leads the industry with the most innovative scissor in the world! Introducing SEV Cosmos with Negative Ions. Hikari understands that stylists undertake too much stress on an everyday basis and negative ions have been proven to improve energy and well being. They are founded in many products such as hair dryers, fabrics, air purifiers, healing pads and so many more. This technology is proven as opposed to other technologies that have been controversial. The constant study of metallurgy and techniques from Hikari invented and patented an alloy that has high concentration of negative ions and combined magnets that help assist your body’s natural energy field. - New SEV Thinning scissors.
SEV Thinning is the newest generation in the Hikari family of finishing tools. Leaves absolutely no line of demarcation and is phenomenal on thin hair. Great for sculpting and shaping. SEV Thinning won't damage the cuticle of the hair. This is a thinning scissor that you will use on every haircut. Extra Sharp, Extra Smooth and Extra Powerful! New revolutionary precision cutting teeth will enable you to create new and exciting styles more efficiently and effectively.

The shank is beautifully sculptured and wider than other scissors in order to provide optimum support for your hand and fingers. Rylon guide in the pivot are provides ultra smooth operation and cutting consistency from the pivot to the tips.   

Available in 6.0
S-21M - 21 teeth,   20-25% removal
S-16M - 16 teeth,   30-35% removal



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