A finishing tool like no other created for "Ultra Smooth Dry-Cut Texturizing". Leaves absolutely no line of demarcation. Great for sculpting and shaping the C-Evo blends and creates texture with a smoother unbeatable feel than any thinning scissors you have ever used! Sculpt dry hair with no snag or drag, the C-Evo won't damage the cuticle of the hair. Special proprietary metals provide smooth cutting action on dry hair. The secret of its feel is the revolutionary unique powerful bamboo blade of the scissor that is angled to maintain the degree of the blade. Absolute freedom to all cutting techniques, leaving a delicate finish and blend with no hard lines. The C-Evo won’t let you down. Their smoothness and effortless cutting will enable you to create new and exciting styles more efficiently and effectively.
Available in 6.0"
C-EVO 760 - 31 teeth,   10-15% removal
C-EVO 761 - 28 teeth,   20-30% removal
C-EVO 762 - 21 teeth,   40-50% removal




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